Indonesia’s Best Performing Companies 2015

Indonesia stock market grew by 23% per year in the last 10 year. However, the unsatisfying global economy during 2015 pushed Indonesian stock index to 4522.65 (12/23), a 13.47% decrease compared to the last year closing index at 5226.95. Among the 525 registered companies at the Indonesia Stock Exchange, 123 companies recorded positive grow while 351 companies’ stocks suffered of decreasing value.

Among the growing stocks, there are 10 companies that successfully doubled to their value from 106% to more than 335%, most of them are in financial industry, as can be seen in the following list of Indonesia’s best performing stocks during 2015:

1 Kresna Graha Investama PT Tbk KREN 335.68%
2 Bank of India Indonesia Tbk PT BSWD 185.88%
3 Grand Kartech Tbk PT KRAH 170.37%
4 Sri Rejeki Isman Tbk PT SRIL 131.93%
5 Panasia Indo Resources Tbk PT HDTX 126.92%
6 J Resources Asia Pasific Tbk PT PSAB 125.44%
7 Asuransi Mitra Maparya Tbk PT ASMI 122.64%
8 Bank Capital Indonesia Tbk PT BACA 114.61%
9 Batavia Prosperindo International Tbk PT BPII 106.25%
10 Asuransi Ramayana Tbk PT ASRM 106.23%

Source: Bloomberg, stock prices as of December 23, 2015


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