The Bankers: BRI is Indonesia’s Best Bank 2015

Indonesia_best_bank_2015PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BBRI) for the second time in a row awarded the best bank in Indonesia in 2015 or “Bank of The Year 2015” by the British magazine. This is BRI’s third award for it also won the same title in 2011. KEB Hana Bank from South Korea won the title as the best bank for the Asia Pacific region achieved, while the United States’ Wells Fargo secured a prestigious position as the world’s best bank 2015.

The award was announced in London, Wednesday, December 2nd night and was a surprise birthday present for BRI. Become Indonesia’s oldest, BRI will celebrate its 120th anniversary on December 16.

BRI president Asmawi Syam said that the achievement is result of hard work of all BRI employees. Almost all BRI employees operate seven days a week in order to fulfill the needs of customers in the archipelago.

“This is also certainly a tribute to Indonesia,” said Asmawi who directly accepted the award in London, Wednesday (12/02/2015) local time.

BRI has been declared to be the most valuable bank for Indonesia for its solid fundamental. BRI was considered solid enough to continue growing due to sustained strong capitalization, and good profitability. BRI also has proved itself as a pioneer in the field of banking technology in Indonesia. Next year, BRI will become the first bank in the world that owns and operates its own satellites to shore banking activities.

To expand coverage throughout Indonesia, BRI extends its services by turning local small businesses into the bank’s agents in villages. Up to now, BRI has 35 thousand agents and plans to have 75 thousand agents in all Indonesian villages next year. BRI will continue its innovation in providing services to customers, Asmawi added. Harnessing the latest banking technology, BRI is confidence to enter the competition. BRI’s ability to serve the needs of customers ranging from large to micro banking becomes its main strength. In the midst of global uncertainty and declining of world’s commodity prices, the bank became the only Indonesian bank to record credit growth and profit.

“I am also proud that BRI’s achievements in banking technology will be disseminated by The Bankers to the bank leaders in many countries. The steps that have been taken by BRI will become benchmark or reference in the banking world to improve efficiency, business expansion, and boost profitability,” said Asmawi proudly.

The “Bank of the Year2015” award was selected through a long process and independent assessments by the The Banker juries. Read by CEOs and CFOs from 180 countries, The Banker is an influential printed media focuses on global financial intelligence and becomes main reference for world of banking and finance as well as the main source of data and analysis for the financial industry. (AL)

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